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Guest book

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Gerhard Heinig
12.04.2015 18:04:55
We have repeatedly spent a wonderful weekend visiting the Oderhähne and a day trip to Berlin. The friendliness of the staff and the skills of the kitchen is always commendable to mention. You can also feel that the trainees are introduced to the profession with enthusiasm and joy. The family atmosphere of the house is transferred to all – the staff and the guests. That’s why we’ll be back for sure!
Willem Schewe
02.04.2015 15:55:01
Dear Hotel Teamo
Now before the 8th year Am I at the Alten Or Hotel and again and again it is a pleasure to walk in it. Restaurant is the kenmerk of all people who work in hotel. Also the nice food makes me very happy. So until the next meal.
Willem Schewe (Rotterdam, Holland)
Rene de Gelder
02.04.2015 15:30:16
Always a good feeling.
Set for several years I spend the night in this wonderful hotel in Frankfurt ad Oder.
Room, breakfast and also that dinner is fantastic.
And again today, arrival and a wonderful soyanka with Käsebrot.Einfach great.
Ronald Hoffmann
16.03.2015 11:49:30

Dear hotel team, last week I spent two days in your hotel. Hereby I would like to thank you for the pleasant stay. I will gladly come back.

Best regards from the beautiful Leipzig
Ronald Hoffmann

Beate Jaworski
16.02.2015 20:23:04
Dear Team of the Hotel zur Alten Oder,
I recently celebrated my retirement with my colleagues in their house.
I would like to thank you all on this way. I was very satisfied with the performance of the team, from the organization over the tasteful decoration of the tables and of course the tasty buffet. All my wishes were taken into consideration.
I wish you always happy guests and always a full house.
Best regards, Beate
Yvonne Matthei
15.02.2015 14:02:11
Dear hotel team,
During my studies at the European University Viadrina, I now had several stays in your lovely hotel. Thanks to her caring, generosity and helpfulness, it has become a second home for me. Also the good food and value for money in her cozy restaurant are highly recommended. I’m looking forward to seeing you again in autumn.
Best regards and continued success
Yvonne Matthei
(procedural and mediator univ.)
Elizabeth Clodong
06.02.2015 15:28:23

Hello Dear Family Kohn and Team, We have been here for the second time (10 nights in October and now 5 nights in January 2015). Everything was just “very good”, the team is really “great” and very much coming , just “great” .. We will certainly book again with you and can only recommend this hotel restaurant … Keep it up, .. With best regards from France (Alsace) ..

Ursula Eckenhoff
07.01.2015 19:43:23
Dear Mr. / Mrs. Kohn, I would like to thank you and your team.
We were on 31.12.2014 guests of your New Year’s Eve celebration. As usual, the evening in your house began quite harmoniously. The main course approached, but suddenly it was one of our friends at the table poor health. I immediately went to the reception to ask for help. After a short description, Ms. Kohn immediately called the rescue service. In addition, she immediately offered the sick woman a guest room to lie down on. The ambulance was on site in a short time and the sick person was admitted to the clinic in Markendorf. In the aftermath, it turned out that everything was right. So thank you for the quick response.
Of course we first had to process this “incident”. Somehow we managed it with the help of pleasant environment and hosts to celebrate New Year’s Eve.
A big thank you to the entire team of the hotel “Zur Alten Oder” and all the best in 2015!Sincerely,
Ursula Eckenhoff

Hans-Dieter Hegner
04.01.2015 22:34:16
Many thanks for the nice New Year’s Eve party say Karin and Hans-Dieter Hegner from Berlin. We stayed until 02. January 2015 and were with you well “repealed”. Especially we liked the friendliness of your team. Since the year starts already wonderful. We wish all of you a Happy New Year 2015.
Rosi & Klaus Leitner
09.12.2014 16:00:51
Thanks say the Wichern Line Dancer
Traditionally, at the end of the year we moved on 08.12.2014 – now for the third time – in the direction of the hotel “Zur Alten Oder” to end the year comfortably.
We let ourselves be spoiled by the family atmosphere and so quickly got the right pre-Christmas mood.
Thank you dear Ilona, ​​dear Hardmud and the whole team!
Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year. In the name of Wichern Line Dancer
Rosi & Klaus Leitner
Christel and Volker Freyer
20.10.2014 19:28:53
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, my wife and I stayed with you for two nights (17.-19.10.).
We liked it a lot; from the nice fresh apprentice to the ladies and gentlemen at the reception, in the bar, in the breakfast room or in the room service. Really ALL very nice, pleasant and honest friendly.But!
Coming from the wonderfully renovated fishing road you startle. The hotel view repels there. We would never have gone into her gem if we had seen it from this side. Now we know that the building is a listed building. But that can by no means relate to the business-damaging exterior view. That the structural substance is protected, is visible. But this view !?

With paint and without hitting a nail in the facade it might go. And her house will be an attraction more in Frankfurt and for the old Oder and Ziegenwerder and the Fischerstraße. As graffiti or painted:
The old Oder in cross-section.
Down mud, stones, shells, rubbish like old bike …. – you could also hide their garbage cans
up there then eel in the mud and fish etc.
further up the water surface with beaver and frogs etc.
further up insects, birds and cranes etc.
the house corner and windows with / as plants install

You can do it real or as a caricature. I imagine that informative, exciting, pleasurable and interesting.
Certainly, there are at the Viadrina or elsewhere art professors, students who are glad to brush / spray and above all to design such a large wall.

Other ideas for painting:
motifs of the old former factory. The preservationists can not say no
Rainbow over the whole house
Frankfurter Stadtplan
Kleist Kopf, Werke, Zeitstrahl …

Maybe you should apply this to your preservationist. Frankfurt has published a guideline for individual project funding of art projects. It means
• Cultural and artistic projects that:
• take place in Frankfurt (Oder) and are accessible to all citizens of the city
• expect a regional and supraregional charisma
• of regional, supraregional, national or international Importance is
• have a significant advertising impact for the city of Frankfurt (Oder)
That would be it.

My wife and I are keeping our fingers crossed that their class hotel can also get an outer appealing sheath. Also outside the Weinblattzeit (front). Good luck and eventually we will “control” it on a new visit to you

Best regards

Volker Freyer

Adalbert Zinck
08.09.2014 18:25:43
Ladies and gentlemen, during my cycling tour I had the pleasure of being in your hotel with my friends on Saturday, 23.08.2014.
It is my desire to let you know that we really enjoyed the stay in your house. It was a highlight in terms of accommodation and hospitality during our bike ride from Zittau to Anklam.The friendly welcome, the helpfulness in our luggage transport to the room, the supply of our bicycles, the friendly and accurate information, the service in your garden, the breakfast and not least your willingness, despite the “Closed Society” to prepare a dinner, but what we did not use, were soothing and impressive.

You have a good team. Go on like that. If the road leads me once again to Frankfurt (Oder), I would be happy to be able to visit you again.

A. Zinck

Erhard Soennecken
08.09.2014 10:07:11
As early as 2009 we were able to find 30 rowers of the RV-Osch, how cozy and yet “up to date” a family-run hotel with a special ambience as the “to the Old Oder” can be. All the more I was glad now after 5 years, on the occasion of a bike ride from Liberec to Küstrin, to spend 3 nights in this hotel in order to explore the historically interesting area of ​​Kunersdorf
-Frankfurt- Seelow and Küstrin. Unfortunately, I realized that the good spirit of 2009 was not in the house ….
Rather, I hit as a hotel customer an ice-cold welcome wind from a person whose social skills can be classified with the number “zero”.
Nevertheless, in 2015, I will begin my cycling tour from Frankfurt / Oder to Usedom from the Hotel zur Alten Oder. Earth’s time did not last forever.
Walter and Margit Pfaller
01.09.2014 15:17:32
Dear team to the “Old Oder” would like to thank me for the very harmonious stay in your home. We enjoyed the ambiance and the food to the fullest.
Congratulations on a functioning team, as a sports manager in Salzburg, I know how important a reliable team is for success – The hotel for the “Old Oder” stands for success
Mag. Walter Pfaller
Country Sports Director of Salzburg.
Lore and Lothar Hamann
29.08.2014 09:40:57
From the beautiful, historic marzipan city of Lübeck the warmest greetings. We thank you for the courteous service and the warm welcome in your home.
Ursel Fischer
25.08.2014 20:41:41
Good evening dear hotel team, we Ursel Fischer and my aunt Gisela, would like to thank you again for the friendliness, the accommodation and for the food. The environment of the hotel is just very nice.
Sincerely, Usel Fischer
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