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Enchanting history of Frankfurt Oder

Enchanting history of Frankfurt Oder

Anyone who loves their city knows about its past. But in Frankfurt (Oder) a rendezvous with history is not an easy undertaking. Numerous historical places have disappeared, been destroyed or simply fallen into oblivion. The city does not explain itself.

Kleist Museum & Kleist Route

The Kleist Museum has the world's largest collection on Heinrich von Kleist and his literary-historical environment in the museum, collections, archive and library.

The "memory" of the city

The Stadtarchiv 23, which has existed since the 13th century, is the oldest institution in the city of Frankfurt (Oder) as a municipal archive.

Institute for Applied History

The institute is an initiative of young people associated with the European University Viadrina. They do projects and events around the peculiarities of the Oder border, traces of the GDR, VR Poland and the Second World War.

Traveling through the times home journey

HeimatReise is many things in one: a medium-sized travel agency, a multilingual travel companion service, a historical research service and a specialist for guided and playful explanations of the cityscape and workshops in the German-Polish border region.

Story(s) from the future Słubfurt e.V.

Słubfurt was founded in 1999 and has been the capital of Nowa America since 2011. Słubfurt has everything a city needs: its own identity cards, its own parliament and a casting show.

Everyone is history! "My Life - Narrated Contemporary History" e.V.

History is not only found in museums and books. Everyone has a story to tell, the story of their life. They collect and document the memories of people on the German and Polish sides.

A house full of history(s) Museum Viadrina / Junkerhaus

The largest cultural history museum in East Brandenburg presents extensive collections on the history of the city and region in a fascinating baroque monument.

Stumbling blocks Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice

Committed citizens of Frankfurt have taken up the idea of ​​the "STOLPERSTEINE" to commemorate local victims of the Nazi regime with memorial stones in the sidewalk.

Frankfurt (Oder) City and Regional Library

The public library is accessible to everyone and, as an educational and cultural institution, offers a wide range of information and media as well as regular educational and cultural activities.

Audio stories about the HörMal Frankfurt monument!

"HörMal Frankfurt!" is an audio guide to selected historical places for children.


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