Hotel Frankfurt Oder, Zur Alten Oder, City Residence Hotel Frankfurt Oder

Hotelanschrift: Fischerstraße 32, D-15230 Frankfurt (Oder)  |  Reservierung: +49 335 556 220  Or +49 175 246 0304


The building of the hotel "Zur Alten Oder"
über 100 Jahre Geschichte


Hotel Zur Alten Oder,ca. 1868 , Frankfurt(Oder)

Over time, the building of today's 3-star hotel "An der Alten Oder" has undergone various functional changes.
Here you will find some key data on the lively history of our building:

1840 In the "Situation plan for the leveling of all streets in the city", created around 1840, there is the oldest indication of Fischerstraße 32.
1874 Company foundation "Aug. Schimpke & Son. Kiln, Pottery & Glaze Factory was the first factory on this property and existed for 32 years.
1886 A fire broke out earlier this year. When rebuilding the factory buildings destroyed by fire, the authorities insisted on compliance with the safety distances prescribed by the building authorities and the erection of solid firewalls.
1905 For a short time, the company Treuherz und Pritsche continued the kiln and pottery production.
1907 Founding of the company “Frankfurter Möbel-Fabrik Spezialtät” for box furniture and bedrooms.
Diese Firma exitierte 14 Jahre.
1919 Master builder Oskar Köhn acquires the property and applies for approval for extensive conversion work. There were installations and conversions for the new function as a carpentry shop.
1921 Tischendorf and Schirm acquired the factory that had been converted by Köhn and continued to run it as the "Frankfurt woodworking factory".
1929 The building complex was named “Frankfurt woodworking factory Preul & Hoyer SPEZIALFABRIK for windows and doors with hardware.
1934 On behalf of Messrs. Preul & Hoyer, a building application is submitted, the content of which deals with the expansion of apartments. The use as a residential building is sealed.
1985 On behalf of the VEB building management, a test report is prepared by the state building inspection, which certifies a very questionable building condition. The apartment building is soon no longer habitable and left to decay.
1989 The Reinhold family from Reutlingen applies for conversion into a carpentry shop. This is not given due to the noise pollution. So they decide to convert it into a hotel, which was then run by the family until 1995.
1995 Takeover of the hotel "Zur Alten Oder" by Schneider & Kohn GBR. The Kohn family, as owners, has been running the hotel very successfully and with great commitment to this day.

Hotel "Zur Alten Oder" Frankfurt - the 3 star hotel
with bar, beer garden and function rooms
in Frankfurt (Oder)

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