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Frankfurt-Oder and surroundings - excursion destinations & sights

Frankfurt-Oder is a university town on the west bank of the Oder in eastern Brandenburg. Since 1999, the city has had the additional designation "Kleiststadt" after the man who was born there in 1777 Heinrich von Kleist. Other famous personalities of the city of Frankfurt (Oder) range from Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach via Wilhelm Sauer master organ builder to famous professors of the old and new Viadrina, like that Humboldt brothers or Ullrich von Hutten or Karl Schlögel.
Frankfurt-Oder is located in eastern Germany, in the south of the Landscape country Lubusz, on the border with Poland. In the north of Frankfurt-Oder is the beautiful Oderbruch, known as the inland delta of the Oder in the district of Märkisch Oderland. The city is located in the Brandenburg floodplain, forest and lake landscape.
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The Kleist Museum and Kleist Route have been open to visitors since 2012. Visitors can search for traces of the famous writer Heinrich von Kleist and his great-uncle Ewald von Kleist.

The route of the exploration site is 20 kilometers long and begins at the Kleist Museum. This is very close to the beautiful Oder Promenade. From there you can reach eight other notable and worth seeing locations in Frankfurt (Oder) and the former dam suburb of Słubice. The Kleist Museum is located in the former garrison school in Frankfurt-Oder. It was a free school for children of common soldiers. The building is in the late baroque style and was built in 1777, the year Heinrich von Kleist was born. It forms the north-west corner, which originally belonged to an existing barracks complex. Extensive restoration measures made it possible for the gates to the Kleist Museum to be opened in this building in 1969.

It is also worth visiting the St. Mary's Church. It is the largest medieval church in Brandenburg. The church is a central architectural landmark of Frankfurt-Oder. The monumental Gothic architecture is complemented by stained glass windows from the late XIV century. The building is a real symbol, mainly because of its special architecture. The medieval Bible paintings of the church are stylistically and iconographically unique. Above all, the depiction of the Antichrist and his devilish followers shown on the window of the end of time is worth seeing. A monumental bronze baptismal font and a bronze chandelier from the 14th century are other significant pieces of equipment in St. Mary's Church. Just like the high altar, which was built in the XV. Century was built and the many art-historical and significant epitaphs, which you can visit nearby St. Gertraud Church.

Furthermore, the Viadrina Museum, one of the largest cultural history museums in East Brandenburg, offers another attraction. The Viadrina Museum is located in the Junkerhaus. This is characterized by elaborately restored stucco ceilings in the baroque style. The architectural monument impresses the guests and was inhabited by the sons of the Electors of Brandenburg who were studying in Frankfurt. The permanent exhibition shows the city and regional history of Frankfurt-Oder. The history includes the important role of the city in the Middle Ages as well as the history of the Alma Mater Viadrina. It is also about the function as a garrison town and the development of the city plan. The history shown goes back to the XX. century into. The fate of the city and the fate of the people during World War II and the post-war period are also discussed. The rich musical tradition of Frankfurt (Oder) will of course also be performed. Famous composers and musicians such as Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Johann Gottfried Piefke and the world-renowned organ builder Wilhelm Sauer.
Frankfurt-Oder is definitely worth a trip.
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