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International adventure water sports center Frankfurt Oder

International adventure water sports center Frankfurt Oder

Frankfurt-Oder is a historic city on the Polish border. Lake Helenesee is located near the Polish border, a few kilometers south of the city.

The Helensesee is known today as the international adventure water sports center of the Frankfurter-Oder. It was a former coal mine which was then converted into a recreational lake.

The river has clean water with an exceptional depth of up to 90 meters. If you visit during the summer months, the white beaches are filled with several visitors. It is an excellent place for travelers in warm months. So if you buy your tickets for Accommodation Frankfurt Oder book , be sure right time to choose.

 Get to know the international adventure water sports center:

  • The Helenesee river is mainly admired for its crystal clear flow. The water sports center has been transformed into a recreational lake. If you visit this tourist spot today, you will see a few hundred campsites, a diving school and a few cafeterias nearby.
  • The international adventure water center was created by Dutch investors. A resort has been developed with 650 apartments, 200 houses, 1500 mobile stands and other extensive facilities and sports facilities.
  • If you visit the water sports center Helenesee, you can examine the resort. The plan is based on a three-way settlement option that includes camping, luxury holiday homes and community shells.
  • The parking lot is not far from the houses at the driveway.        
  • Each house has the shortest possible connection to the boulevard and the water. In the streets you will find a range of facilities such as shops, restaurants, sports fields, a water sports center and a diving school.

The most famous building of water sports!

  • The resort features 150 by 150 meter homes with an indoor whitewater canoe course, a tropical swimming paradise and other sporting attractions such as surf riders, ski board and lazy river. While you relax on your holiday in Frankfurt-Oder, you can visit the extensive sauna and wellness center.
  • The building has a clear structure that indicates the entire organizational program. They have created attractions from various sculptural waterscapes that create a strong visual relationship with that of the surroundings.
  • Sunken in the water landscapes and their installation and water storage, as well as private parts of the sauna.
  • The roof is also part of a sculptural landscape that doubles as a sun deck in the summer months and a snowboard lane in the winter.
  • In addition, the living roofs go well with the crowns of the forests. So it looks more like a flora and fauna. When daylight enters the building and the landscape through the incisions in the roof surface, it is illuminated differently and unexpectedly during the day.
  • The space between the water landscape and the roof landscape is designed as a climbing forest. This idea was reinforced by the variation in the supports and the irregular position of the supports due to the structure of the roof.
  • Despite its function as a water landscape, the shape of the roof contributes to a special climbing experience. 

So, these are some of the excellent reasons that suggest you should visit Helenesee. It has indeed become popular for its unique decoration of waterscapes and natural belongings. People are more drawn to the unusual ways of bringing different activities together like shops, restaurants, sports fields and many more.

There are a lot of interesting underwater attractions for tourists that you should definitely see. So if you are in Frankfurt-Oder looking for Hotels in Frankfurt Oder in the water sports center Henlenesee.


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