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Six foodie things to do in Frankfurt Germany

Six foodie things to do in Frankfurt Germany

The city of Frankfurt Oder in Germany has many culinary specialties worth trying when travelling. However, the state capital has few aces up its sleeve. So if you plan while Ihres Aufenthalts in der Accommodation Frankfurt Oder pay a visit, you can check out the options below if you're looking for delicious treats.

Here's a compiled list of must-try foods and drinks when you're in town. Frankfurt delicacies are among the best in the city’s cozy surroundings:

1. Experience traditional Frankfurt food

What could be nicer than traditional food on the Frankfurter Oder. Find out about popular restaurants when visiting the city. Whether it's a long set table indoors or in the garden, traditional cuisine features pork sausages, slow-cooked pork cutlets, and many others.

2. Learn about cider

Germans are passionate about drinking beer. All Frankfurters usually prefer a glass of cider. The taste of the drink is more than what you tasted but refreshing once you have it. So don't forget to try the local glass of a cider that serves the drink.

3. Satisfy your sweet tooth

Source: Deutsche Kultur

When it comes to dessert, the Frankfurter Oder is known for its Bundt cake. It's a simple sponge cake that's sliced ​​horizontally in three layers with buttercream frosting and strawberry jam in between and stacked with even more buttercream. The entire cake is filled with delicacies and sprinkled with brittle nuts. The dessert is well known for its delicious taste.

4. Hand cheese with music

Source: Wikipedia

Cheese lovers can enjoy the delicious hand cheese treat. Experience the hand cheese with music that explains that the cheese is shaped by hand and at the same time is a metaphor for the fantastic taste. The cheese is low in fat and is served at various locations around the city. In addition, the cheese consists of oil and vinegar, salt, pepper, onions and, above all, cumin.

5. Salsa Verde

Source: Geschmack

This dish is a family of cold, uncooked, herb-based sauces that includes Spanish and Italian salsa. It's a mixture of seven chopped herbs with mayonnaise, yogurt, sour cream, or cheese. The cold sauce is poured over the boiled eggs and potatoes. So if you are in Frankfurt you should try the local dish. It is one of the most exquisite green spices.

6. Frankfurt beef sausage

German sausages are among the top lists of local specialties. They are most commonly known as one of their most popular cuisines. Before serving, the pork sausages are cooked for a comparatively long time in boiling water with white bread and mustard. Its distinctive taste is achieved through a special method of smoking at low temperatures.

When traveling to Frankfurt, there are tons of cuisines worth trying. It has some delicious and amazing dishes. So if you are in the Accommodation Frankfurt Oder tours, don't forget to try what's on offer. In terms of food and drink, the city has a list of mouth-watering delicacies that are definitely worth trying.


If you are in Frankfurt Oder and looking for a delicious treat to satisfy your hunger. You should undoubtedly try from the above restaurants and enjoy your stay in the city.


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