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Lakes in Brandenburg - your active stay in the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

Lakes in Brandenburg - your active stay in the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

Anyone who is a guest in our summer Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder should pack his bathing suit. Even those who want to spend their summer vacation hiking or cycling in the region will find many great lakes in the area, which invite you to take a break in the summer sun and cool off on hot days. The lake district of Oder-Spree is known for its lakes beyond the borders of Brandenburg.

The Helenesee is right in front of the gates of Frankfurt-Oder. For many of the guests Hotels in Frankfurt-Oder The lake is a popular excursion destination and often the destination of a bike tour. The Helenesee is 220 hectares in size and is located in the middle of a pine forest. The "small Baltic Sea" is considered to be very clean and the water quality is particularly good. In addition to swimming and sunbathing, people who would like to experience a little more action and adventure will also find the best conditions here. If you are a guest with your children in our Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder are, the Helenesee is a wonderful destination. Divers are fascinated by the nature of the bottom. And if you don't want to dive yourself, you can take a submarine to see the underwater world. On land there are many places to play tennis, volleyball or football. Pedal boating, surfing and fishing are also possible at Helenesee. In addition, beach parties and other events always take place, where there is always something going on.

You can reach us by car in around 40 minutes Hotel in the center of Frankfurt-Oder from the Scharmutzelsee, which is also a very popular destination. Around the lake are well-known places in the region such as the spa town of Bad Saarow and Wendisch Rietz. The Scharmutzelsee is the second largest lake in Brandenburg. Sometimes the lake is also called "Märkisches Meer". The pretty lake received this nickname from the poet Theodor Fontane. There is also a lot going on on and around the Scharmutzelsee: swimming, sailing, diving and fishing are among the most popular activities in summer. And around the lake there are not only great cycling and hiking trails, but also opportunities to play tennis or golf.

The Great Storkower See is located near Storkow in the midst of beautiful surroundings. There are several bathing spots around the lake, which often have other offers such as canoe rentals or food stands. There is also a large sandy beach at the lido, for example. There are safe areas where children can swim in the lake without hesitation. On the beach there is also plenty of space to play beach volleyball, football or tennis.


Another great lake in the region is the Großer Müllroser See in the Schlaubetal Nature Park. There are also many attractions waiting for the guests here. You can rent a boat, have lunch at the lakeside restaurant or relax on the sandy beach. Meanwhile, children can let off steam in the natural playground or try out the water slide.

There is a lot to discover on and around the lakes in the Oder-Spree lake district. When you're in the evening after a day of action in your Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder zurückkehren, können Sie sich im Restaurant Kontor in Frankfurt-Oder  noch ein wenig entspannen.

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