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City of Frankfurt Oder: Bridge of the East 

City of Frankfurt Oder: Bridge of the East 

Ever since Germany opened its border with Poland in 2011, the cities of Frankfurt-Oder or Slubice have been working together to ensure the population gets the best of both countries.

The town of Slubice lies directly across the Oder River and is only a 15-minute drive from the Frankfurt Oder, while residents on both sides can move freely and easily.

Both cities have taken advantage of this cross-border location for both residents and tourists, where one feels like there are two cities but one place to enjoy. Such locations are important for doing business as they have the opportunity to choose either the German or the Polish side. And it is centrally located in Europe, well connected in Berlin and Warsaw.

With the help of three bridges over the Oder, you can walk from the Frankfurt Oder to the Polish town of Slubice. Germany's easternmost Frankfurt is a cultural hub and border city rolled into one.

Here is a brief description of the city:

If you are in one Hotel in Frankfurt Oder If you are out and about in the city, you should definitely stroll across the bridge. It is an amazing city with a number of modern buildings. Apart from St. Mary's Church, the town hall and a former cloister, most of the city's historic buildings were demolished during World War II.

Blocks of flats made of concrete slabs surround the city center and still convey an aesthetic atmosphere today. However, parks like Lennepark and Oderufer offer a change with lots of green lawns to relax on.

Lively cultural exchange

There are two countries, two cities and a municipality called Frankfurt Oder, which the artist Michael Kurzwelly calls "Slubfurt" and combines the names of two cities. This term includes both metropolises. Both cities are often viewed as one by various associations, as the Frankfurter-Oder has a unique connection to Poland and neighboring states.

After the end of World War II, the city of Frankfurt Oder became a border town of the Polish city of Slubice based on the Potsdam Agreement. So if you take the train from Berlin to Warsaw, you will pass the easternmost German university in Frankfurt Oder.

People crossing the country border have increased over time, but this is not only due to curiosity or a desire to buy cheap cigarettes on the other side of the Frankfurter Oder, but also because of the breathtaking sights that you can see in one Hotel in Frankfurt Oder  genießen können .

The university name Viadrina European University with its buildings on both sides of the city attracts tourists from all over the world. After the restoration in 1991, the university has developed into a cultural center and hub.

Cross-Border Education 

Companies here have access to a pool of employees who can speak German, Polish and English as well as various other languages. The city of Frankfurt Oder has invested in bilingual schools, universities and kindergartens where students can learn both languages, Polish and German. This is an attractive potential home for Polish families. More than 200 Polish children attend the school in Frankfurt-Oder with equal access to their German counterparts.

On the Polish side, about 500 students study law, regional studies and international affairs in the Collegium Polonium. The Collegium Polonicum and the Viadrina University are in the process of creating a joint faculty to enable more German-Polish international studies and a joint study system. In short, the idea is to create a local market with very attractive university-level employees.

The Fate of the Fringe

In the south of the city you will find Brandenburg landscapes with meadows, forests and lake areas. In the north there is the Oderbruch swamp region and the Helenesee lake. However, the area is considered the highlight of Berlin as it is only an hour by train from the Frankfurter Oder.

In addition, 60,000 people live in the Frankfurter-Oder. However, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city's population has declined by more than a quarter due to high unemployment and a declining birth rate.


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