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Excursions to the Schlaubetal – your active stay at the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

Excursions to the Schlaubetal – your active stay at the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

Of a Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder From there you can reach Schlaubetal by car in about 30 minutes. The nature park is located southeast of Berlin and was founded in 1995. The main town, where the tourist information for the region is also located, is Müllrose. The nature park is almost 230 km² in size and is divided into nature reserves, fauna-flora habitat areas and six landscape protection areas.

The landscape was created 20,000 years ago. In addition to rivers and lakes, there are very different landscapes here: pine and beech forests, deep gorges and wet meadows. The pine forests in particular have been used for forestry for centuries. More than 140 rare bird species live in the forests of the Schlaubetal, including osprey and white-tailed eagle. The lakes are full of all kinds of fish species. That's why anglers like to come to the Schlaubetal. Nature lovers can also spot deer, butterflies and otters. There are also 1,000 species of plants in the nature park, including 13 species of orchids. Some of the animals and plants can only be found in Brandenburg in the Schlaubetal Nature Park.

There is a so-called boulder park near Henzendorf. There are 126 extraordinary, colored stones on around four hectares. The heaviest of them weighs 30 tons. Some stones are 1.8 million years old and came to Schlaubetal with glaciers during the Ice Age. Incidentally, the Schlaubetal was placed under nature protection as early as 1961 and is now the heart of the nature park.

If you walk through the Primeval Forest of Fünfeichen, you can admire a forest that has been designed completely without human intervention. Anyone with a bike in a Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder is a guest or rents a bike on site, can go on beautiful bike tours in the Schlaubetal. And the region is also a dream for hikes. On the way you can pass 11 mills, which are connected with hiking trails and nature trails. The oldest of these mills is the Müllroser Mühle, which has been in operation since 1275.

A trip to the Schlaubetal should not be complete without a detour to Müllrose. There is a lot to see around the beautiful Müllroser See during a walk through the village. Among other things, there are several churches, including a hall church built in the Gothic style, in the village. In addition, you can see several monuments in the village and learn more about the history of the village and the surrounding area up to 1990 in the local history museum. A highlight in the museum is the collection of historic carriages.

If you are looking for peace and relaxation on holiday, the Schlaubetal is the right place for you. A stay in one Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder, einer lebendigen Stadt mit großem Kulturangebot, lässt sich so mit erholsamen Ausflügen in die Natur verbinden. Wenn Sie dann von einem intensiven Ausflug nach Frankfurt-Oder zurückkommen, sollten Sie den Tag beim Abendessen imRestaurant Kontor ausklingen lassen, bevor es dann ins Hotel zurückgeht.


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