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Unique natural spectacle in the nature reserve "Oderhang Mallnow"

Unique natural spectacle in the nature reserve "Oderhang Mallnow"

Every year in April and May, nature lovers come to the 309-hectare "Oderhang Mallnow" nature reserve to see the golden yellow Adonis. It's just a short drive to the small village of Mallnow Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder from not far. And especially in spring, the landscape is one of the most popular destinations along the Oder. It is beautiful there, especially for a short spring hike.

Many guests also combine a trip to Mallnow with a hike or a bike tour along the Oder. When the first rays of spring sun come, the landscape begins to bloom. Soon the Adonis roses covered the Oder slopes in the first days of spring. And this is unique in Central Europe, because the plant is usually more likely to be found in steppe areas. But the location on the Oder also seems ideal for the plants. In the rest of Germany, the plant appears only occasionally.

At the same time, other plants such as cinquefoil begin to bloom. Reasons enough for a stay in spring in one Hotel in the center of Frankfurt-Oder to make a trip to the Oder slopes! If you want to see more of the beautiful landscape along the Oder, you can continue straight to the Oderbruch. At a length of 60 kilometers there is enough space for a hike or a bike tour, where you can admire the beautiful landscape.

In this area, many guests who stay in one Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder stay overnight, then also the island of Neuenhagen, which is actually not an island at all, but a highland on the Oder. Here, for example, Neuenhagen Castle is a popular destination. The town of Lebus is only about ten kilometers from Frankfurt-Oder. Lebus is a great place to take a break on a bike tour along the Oder. You can not only relax in one of the inns, but also visit the pretty town with some sights such as the St. Marien town church or the Museum Haus Lebuser Land.

It then continues on the Oder-Neisse cycle path, which is now one of the most popular and well-known cycle paths not only in Brandenburg. The way back to the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder is easy to master via the Oder-Neisse cycle path and also leads along the Oder through beautiful surroundings.

From spring to autumn, there are many excursion possibilities around Frankfurt-Oder. Guests staying in a hotel near Frankfurt-Oder train station have a wide range to choose from and can of course find out about excursion destinations directly on site. Renting a bike is also possible without any problems.

Check out our offers or and book your overnight stay in Frankfurt-Oder directly! We look forward to you!


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