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Historical experience in Frankfurt-Oder during your visit to the hotel in Frankfurt (Oder)

Historical experience in Frankfurt-Oder during your visit to the hotel in Frankfurt (Oder)

If you in our Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder are visiting, you are visiting a very old city. Frankfurt-Oder received city rights as early as 1253. The proximity to the Oder has always ensured that water and ships have played a major role in the city. As early as 1310, merchants sailed their own ships to the Baltic Sea. So it's no surprise that Frankfurt-Oder was part of the League of Hanseatic Cities in the Middle Ages. This successful period in Frankfurt's history is remembered year after year at the HanseStadtFest. Incidentally, the Oder is the fourth largest river in Germany.

Science, art and culture have always played a major role in Frankfurt-Oder. In 1506 the Brandenburg State University was founded in Frankfurt-Oder, where well-known students such as the Humboldt brothers and Heinrich von Kleist studied. The cultural life of the city is shaped to this day by the poet Heinrich von Kleist and the composer Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, the son of Sebastian Bach. Buildings in the city that you can visit during your stay in Frankfurt-Oder are not only named after both of them, but there are also regular plays and concerts with the works of the city's two great sons.


In the last century, Frankfurt-Oder experienced many ups and downs. During the Second World War, the city center was badly damaged and the former embankment suburb of Slubice belonged to Poland after the Second World War. Frankfurt-Oder thus became a border town. After the reunification, Frankfurt-Oder developed into the center of the region and the connections to the neighboring town of Slubice became more intensive again. Today, both cities see themselves as European partner cities. Many events take place across borders. In the last 20 years, Frankfurt-Oder has established itself more and more as an administrative, university and sports city and as an important trade fair location. Therefore, in our Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder auch immer wieder Gäste, die aus beruflichen Gründen beispielsweise die Viadrina-Universität oder eine Messe in Frankfurt-Oder besuchen.


Many guests of our Hotels in Frankfurt-Oder visit St. Mary's Church, the symbol of the city. The largest hall church in the North German brick Gothic style delights visitors with its famous stained glass, who returned to Frankfurt-Oder in 2002. The stained glass can be seen on 117 panes on three choir windows and is unique in the world.


In addition, many guests visit the medieval town hall. The Museum Junge Kunst is also located here, with one of the largest collections of East German art. Just like in the Viadrina Museum and the Kleist Museum, visitors can learn a lot about the history and culture of the city here. After a tour of the city, which is shaped by its history, many of our guests like to fortify themselves in the Restaurant Kontor in Frankfurt-Oder.


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