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Top tips for solo travelers

Top tips for solo travelers

Some would like to visit as many churches as possible, others would like to take a surfing course and others would rather just lie lazily in a hammock all day: often a holiday as a couple or with friends is a compromise. Especially when the ideas about goals and activities are very different. The alternative: simply go on holiday alone! Traveling alone, including as a woman, is becoming increasingly popular. Some people shy away from it because they are afraid of being alone or because they feel unsafe abroad. We have compiled some tips for solo travelers so that you can get the maximum number of experiences and positive experiences with you.

1. Planning

There are places in the world that are perfect for a trip with just you and your luggage. Of course, there are also some that are dangerous or unsuitable. Find out in advance which destinations belong on your travel list and which ones you would rather save for another time. Once you have decided on your destination or your route, gather as much information as possible or, ideally, get a travel guide. You will initially have many new impressions and emotions, so it would be a pity if the euphoria is spoiled just because you are Hotel nicht finden kannst.

2. Accommodation

Address of your accommodation in your smartphone and save your booking confirmations in your e-mail inbox to be on the safe side. If you are traveling in exotic countries where little or hardly any English is spoken, you should save the address of your accommodation in the respective national language and show it to the taxi driver. As soon as you arrive at your accommodation, you should definitely take the business card of the hotel, hostel, etc. with you. It can quickly happen that the battery of your smartphone runs out on the way and you forget the address of your accommodation or the way to get there. With your business card in hand, you can always ask the locals and taxi drivers for directions and quickly find your way back.

3. Pack Lightly

Be aware that on this trip there will be no one to take your luggage from you. Take only the essentials with you and if possible travel with a backpack instead of a suitcase. You'll see, the adventure begins with packing.

4. Go on a walking tour

This may sound strange, because you don't do that when you travel with friends, but a walking tour is not only free in many cities, but also really interesting. You also meet people there who do the same thing as you do: travel alone.

5. Organized Tours and Activities

Join organized tours and let locals show you around. You will not only learn exciting background information about the individual sights, you will also get in touch with other travelers at the same time.

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