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Experience a lot in Eisenhüttenstadt - one-day trip during your stay in the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

Experience a lot in Eisenhüttenstadt - one-day trip during your stay in the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

If you are in one Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder are visiting, it is definitely worth taking a look at what's going on in Eisenhüttenstadt during this period. Eisenhüttenstadt is the second largest city in the Oder-Spree district and can be reached from Frankfurt-Oder in around 30 minutes. The city now has a lot to offer. There is a lot going on in Eisenhüttenstadt when it comes to art and culture.

Interesting events are always taking place in the many venues such as the Friedrich-Wolf-Theater, the open-air stage in the Diehloer mountains, the Inselhalle or the cultural center. If you like to visit museums, the city museum with gallery is the right place for you. There are also monuments and buildings worth seeing all over the city. Events such as the town festival on the last weekend in August or the bridge festival take place regularly.

Culturally, there is a lot to discover in Eisenhüttenstadt. The Friedrich Wolf Theater alone has four venues. The open-air stage in the countryside is a great place for open-air events in summer. Events ranging from dance to classical to comedy are offered. There's something for everyone! So if you are in a hotel in Frankfurt-Oder, take a look to see whether the theater in Eisenhüttenstadt has an event ready for you during this time.

Anyone who is more interested in history and would like to learn more about life in the former GDR should not only visit the City Museum, but also the Documentation Center for Everyday Culture in the GDR. Both museums have changing exhibitions and there are always lectures and other events.

By the way, there is a leisure and recreation park in the middle of Eisenhüttenstadt. The island pool with water slide, an outdoor pool, a miniature golf course and an animal enclosure are a very special experience, especially for children. The skateboard facility with a large half-pipe might be even more interesting for young people. If you like it a little quieter but not less active, you can go for a walk or cycle along the Oder dykes.

Eisenhüttenstadt is also in a great natural setting. The district of Oder-Spree is the most forested and water-rich district in all of Germany. The chain of hills of the Diehloer Berge near the beautiful Schlaubetal are not far. The route from Frankfurt-Oder to Eisenhüttenstadt alone leads through beautiful nature. Incidentally, there are now many cycling and hiking trails around Eisenhüttenstadt.

who in one Hotel in the center of Frankfurt-Oder is visiting, but planning a flying visit to Eisenhüttenstadt, the city's tourist office will provide you with a wealth of information on the tourist highlights and current events in the city.

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