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Germany's most underrated city has a lot to offer than you know 

Germany's most underrated city has a lot to offer than you know 

Germany is one of the most popular countries for sights and attractions. There are several cities to explore, but one of the cities is Frankfurt-Oder. Despite the fact that the city has a lot to offer, it is not quite famous yet. You can visit libraries, museums, exhibitions and a variety of other historical sites. The city undoubtedly has a special place in German memoirs. It is the antiquity of the city of Frankfurt-Oder that primarily attracts attention and rebuilds the monuments after the Second World War.

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Here are 7 reasons to visit Germany's most underrated city:

1. Two cities 

On the banks of the Oder you will find the town of Slubice. Frankfurt-Oder and Slubice together form a cross-border agglomeration of around 81,000 inhabitants. Both cities have different cultural, fascinating stories and beautiful scenery. Although the cities have different mentalities and languages, they share a common past. However, both cities were forced to find a new identity.

2. Classic sights

Frankfurter-Oder has an impressive landmark: the Marienkirche with its 14th-century stained glass windows. It is one of the largest Gothic brick churches in Brandenburg. You can climb the 67 meter high church tower and get a breathtaking view of the city.

Visit the Oderturm, a 24-storey shopping mall, if you are looking for something modern.

3. Secret Tourist Sights

The city of Frankfurt-Oder Stadt has many sights, which makes it unique from the rest of the cities in Germany. Here you will find more Polish than German people. You can go to the market near town to see the daily trade of goods like alcohol, cigarettes, flowers and tools. You can learn how their tandem works and why it is known as one of the biggest markets?


4. Museums and culture

If you visit Frankfurt-Oder you will find a variety of works of art in public. The city is full of them. The Museum Junge Kunst has more than 11,000 works of art, sculptures and paintings. The Kleist Museum features the life and work of Heinrich Von Kleist, an 18th-century German poet and playwright. There are several interesting sculptures and cultures to explore in the historic city of Germany. You can tour in theaters, museums, concerts, dance performances and other attractions.

5. University towns of Frankfurt and Slubice

Frankfurt Oder has an Eastern University in Germany. The campus is on the Oder. Since its opening in 1991, the college has developed into an internationally renowned address on the German-Polish border with around 6000 students. In addition, the European University sees itself as the successor to the Brandenburg University of Frankfurt-Oder.

6. Nature and parks

The weather in the city is unpredictable, if it is sunny you can walk along the Oder Promenade along the Oder. Or a good alternative is exploring the beautiful parks in Frankfurt-Oder. Visit the wildlife park, an ideal destination for both children and adults. Over 300 animals roam free in the vast area.

Visit Gertraud Park, which used to be a cemetery. You can even take a walk to the ruins of the Kleis Tower.

7. Environment

The twin tower offers breathtaking transport connections not only to its immediate surroundings, but also to the metropolises of Berlin and Poznan. Tour these cities on the way back home and experience the city's vibrant culture. Away from the metropolises, just north of the city, you will find a stage with concerts, films, theater and much more.

To sum up,

The city of Frankfurt-Oder offers a range of exciting seasonal events whenever you are here. Of course, there are also permanent attractions to keep you entertained. There are art museums, theatres, parks and a few more attractions to explore in Frankfurt-Oder.

So now you know that the city of Frankfurt is huge and diverse, and also an underrated city. In addition, you can make your stay in "Zur Alten Oder" one of the best Hotels in Frankfurt Oder, design ideally. With the aim that you can not only enjoy your holiday in the hotel, but also visit the country. In the above guide you will learn more about the city of Frankfurt-Oder and its monuments.


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