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Frankfurt (Oder) – The city of music

Frankfurt (Oder) – The city of music

Music has simply been a part of Frankfurt-Oder for centuries. Numerous famous musicians and composers lived and worked here or are connected to Frankfurt-Oder in some other way. One of the most famous is probably the composer Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, the son of Johann Sebastian Bach. He studied in Frankfurt-Oder and left his musical traces in the Oder city. Bach is considered one of the most famous composers of his time and was even more famous than his father during his lifetime! Today, concerts by national and international artists take place regularly in the concert hall named after him, which is easily accessible from a hotel near the train station in Frankfurt-Oder.

The composers Bartholomäus Gesius and Michael Praetorius stand for church music. It is therefore not surprising that music is often and happily made in the city's churches. In the St. Marien Church, the former main church of the city, organ concerts and other cultural events take place regularly. From a hotel in the center of Frankfurt-Oder it is not far to the church.

Of course, to make music, you also need instruments. And some of them were and are being built directly in Frankfurt-Oder. For example, the master organ builder Wilhelm Sauer founded his world-renowned organ building company in Frankfurt-Oder in 1857. If you want to look at historical musical instruments during your visit to a hotel in Frankfurt-Oder, then you will find them in the collection of the Viadrina Museum.

The connection between tradition and modernity is created by the Brandenburg State Orchestra in Frankfurt-Oder. The symphony orchestra was founded in 1842 and regularly plays a wide variety of melodies in the city's theaters and concert halls. There are also numerous other orchestras and choirs from Frankfurt-Oder and the twin town of Slubice.

Frankfurters are absolute music and culture fans. When planning a visit to a hotel in Frankfurt-Oder, you are almost spoiled for choice. In Frankfurt-Oder, the concert hall, the Kleist Forum and other places in the city offer so many high-quality concerts, especially in the field of classical music, that it is sometimes difficult to choose.

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