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Border bridge on the Oder - your stay in the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

Border bridge on the Oder - your stay in the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

The Frankfurt-Oder city bridge connects Germany and Poland like no other place in the region. It bridges the Oder and connects Frankfurt-Oder on the German side and Slubice on the Polish side. Strictly speaking, the border bridge is an inner-city border crossing. Anyone who crosses the bridge has the best view of the Oder promenade, the Oder waterway and the harbor entrance. Of a Hotel in the center of Frankfurt-Oder you are quickly at the Oderbrücke.

The border between Germany and Poland runs in the middle of the Oder. This means that 70 percent of the bridge is on Polish territory. If you during your Stay in a hotel in Frankfurt-Oder The best way to visit Slubice is to cross the town bridge. Today it is part of the image of both cities that work so closely together. In the past, the bridge was sometimes a connection, sometimes a border.

As early as 1253, when Frankfurt-Oder was granted city rights, a wooden bridge was built over the Oder. In the following centuries, however, this was repeatedly destroyed by floods, ice drifts or fire. In 1819 a new building was completed, which served as an inner-city connection between Frankfurt-Oder and its former dam suburb of Slubice. In 1895 a massive arch bridge was inaugurated and the old wooden bridge was demolished. As early as 1898, a tram even ran across the bridge.

After the bridge was destroyed in World War II, a new bridge was built from 1951, which served as a border bridge between Germany and Poland. The new bridge was christened the "Bridge of Friendship". 15 years ago, however, another new building was necessary and so the current bridge was opened in 2002. In the meantime, all border clearance buildings on the German side have also been removed.

You should visit the Oderbrücke during your stay in one Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder definitely have a look and ideally take a walk to the other side of the river. But you can also celebrate wonderfully on the bridge. Every year in May, the Bridge Festival takes place with dance, music, street theater and a large fireworks display.

Today, Frankfurt-Oder and Slubice form a double city and are connected thanks to the bridge. A bridge not only connects two cities across the water, but even two countries. The Oder Bridge is not only the literal but also the figurative connection between Germany and Poland and between Frankfurt-Oder and Slubice.

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