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Highlights in the pre-Christmas period during your stay at the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

Highlights in the pre-Christmas period during your stay at the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

Who in the weeks leading up to Christmas in a Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder is a guest, he will again be offered very special highlights. At the end of the year, especially in the Kleist Forum, there will be another final sprint. There is something for families as well as for fans of cultural classics. For example, on December 11, the Russian ballet Swan Lake will be performed in the Great Hall of the Kleist Forum. Especially in the run-up to Christmas, Tchaikovsky's classic is always a highlight. The State Academic Theater of Belarus from Belarus is a guest at the Kleist Forum for this occasion.


"Olaf the Elk" from the Frankfurt Puppet Theater might be of interest to young theater fans. The Christmas story with a lot of humor is about the elk Olaf, who is born with antlers that are much too large. He offends everyone with it and is teased. To make matters worse, an antler shovel also breaks off. Can he still become a Christmas moose like this? Olaf then meets a one-eyed Santa Claus and a friendship develops between the two.

The "colorful Christmas plate" is almost a tradition in Frankfurt-Oder. The theater and music revue sets the mood for Christmas in a contemplative but also entertaining way. Singers, actors and artists entertain the audience. In addition, there are other plays and musicals waiting for guests of all ages on many afternoons and evenings in December.


Who during his stay in a Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder would rather get in the mood for Christmas in the museum should visit the new broadcast in the Viadrina Museum. "Winter in Glass: Snow Globes" shows works of art made of glass from November 24th to February 26th. The first snow globe was shown at the Paris World Fair in 1878. 20 years later, the Viennese Erwin Perzy patented the works of art made of glass. Since 1900, snow glasses have therefore been manufactured in Vienna, which quickly became a popular souvenir and gift. Which topic would fit better in wintry Frankfurt-Oder? Incidentally, both the Kleist Forum and the Viadrina Museum are from ours Hotel in the center of Frankfurt-Oder very easy to reach.

If you are in December in our Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder are guests, you are welcome to look for your desired event in advance and combine it with a visit to the Christmas market or shopping for Christmas presents. Incidentally, you can warm up in between in one Restaurant in Frankfurt-Oder like the restaurant "Kontor" in Frankfurt.



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