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Living in Frankfurt-Oder and Slubice - tips for staying in a hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

Living in Frankfurt-Oder and Slubice - tips for staying in a hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

If you have a few days in one Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder spend, you can arrive with your own car or by train. The regional express from Berlin runs every half hour in the direction of Frankfurt-Oder. You can also travel comfortably from Cottbus by train. When you drive towards Frankfurt-Oder, you will see the Oder Tower from afar. The tower is also a perfect vantage point to get a great view over Frankfurt-Oder and the Polish twin town of Slubice.

If you travel to Frankfurt-Oder, you can not only experience a lot of greenery and culture, but also visit two countries at the same time. It's not far to Poland over the Oder Bridge. The special connection to Poland makes Frankfurt-Oder an extraordinary city with a very special mentality. You can see this from the numerous bilingual street and information signs throughout the city. Today, Frankfurt-Oder and Slubice are a European double city that work very closely together in many areas.

Since Poland became a member of the EU in 2004, cooperation has become even easier. Both sides learn from each other. In hardly any other city is Europe lived as much in everyday life as in Frankfurt-Oder and Slubice. Not only when it comes to tourism, but also when it comes to shopping, for example, the connections are close. It is not unusual to meet many Poles who are out and about in the city when shopping in Frankfurt-Oder.

If you are in one Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder are guests, you will quickly recognize the advantages of the green city. There are not only numerous parks worth seeing in Frankfurt-Oder, a walk along the Oder is also definitely worthwhile. In addition, not only tourists but also locals are drawn to the island of Ziegenwerder in summer. Here you can not only marvel at a unique landscape, but also sit comfortably in the beer garden or take part in an event such as the open-air cinema.

Of course, the Oder particularly shapes the city. For example, there are now some pretty cafes and restaurants around the former port. In addition, Frankfurt-Oder is a very active city. That's why there are often a lot of people on their bikes along the Oder. And if you don't just want to stay on the shore, you can take a boat trip with the "Zefir".

In addition, there is the wide range of cultural activities in the city, so that you can look forward to them during your stay in our Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder definitely take your time. If you are interested in museums and historical buildings, some well-known museums such as the Viadrina Museum or important churches such as St. Marienkirche invite you to visit. There are also theater performances and concerts almost every evening. This is no wonder, because some well-known writers and musicians such as Heinrich von Kleist have left their mark in Frankfurt-Oder.

Book your room in the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder now. Visit our official website at or and find out about current offers. Our hot tip for you: If you are already in Frankfurt, you should definitely visit our restaurant “Kontor” which is open from 5 p.m.! For special celebrations, please contact us in advance. For more information, see


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