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Bike tour along the Oder starting at the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

Bike tour along the Oder starting at the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

The Oder is becoming more and more popular for cycling trips. Many vacationers make a big tour along the border river in summer. The Oder-Neisse cycle path, one of the best cycle paths in Germany, is popular for this. The route is 630 kilometers long and runs from Nova Ves in the Czech Republic to Ahlsbeck on Usedeom. The route was divided into 13 stages, which lead through Saxony, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in Germany. On the way you get to know outstanding regions such as Lusatia, the Iser Mountains and the Oder Valley with the Oderbruch.

The fifth stage of the Oder-Neisse Cycle Path takes you from Guben to Frankfurt-Oder. A break in the Kleist town is definitely a good idea. Our hotel near the train station in Frankfurt-Oder Incidentally, it is bike-friendly. In addition to a parking space for your bike, we are also happy to help you, for example, if you want to dry wet clothes or if a small repair on the bike is necessary. From Frankfurt-Oder we continue to Küstrin-Kietz.

The route always follows the Oder and the border with Poland. Around Frankfurt-Oder it goes along the Oderdamm. Shortly after Guben - more precisely in Ratzdorf - the Neisse flows into the Oder. Here you will experience an unforgettable highlight on your ride along the Oder-Neisse cycle path. This beautiful view was probably also a reason for the monks to build a monastery in Neuzelle that you should have a look at on the way. You will also pass Eisenhüttenstadt.

If you want to get off your bike on the way, there are several places along the Oder that are ideal for a boat tour. Or you can take a short walk, for example through the parks in Frankfurt-Oder such as the Lenné Park, which you can visit from a Hotel in the center of Frankfurt-Oder achieve very well.

Back on the bike, you will also cycle through the unique landscape of the Oderbruch and you will cycle along the Oder dike. During your summer bike tour you will also come through the Lebuser Land with the pretty medieval town of Lebus. Again and again you will come to places where you just want to get off your bike and take a break in the beautiful landscape. A detour to the Schlaubetal or a trip to Poland, for example to Küstrin with its old town worth seeing, is definitely worthwhile.

An alternative to a longer tour along the Oder-Neisse cycle path is to plan a stay in a hotel in the center of Frankfurt-Oder and do several individual day tours from there. Around Frankfurt-Oder there are some very well developed and safe cycle paths. Especially in summer you can organize an active holiday in Brandenburg.

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