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Tourism in Frankfurt-Oder

Tourism in Frankfurt-Oder

A lot has been done for tourism in Frankfurt-Oder in recent years and development is continuing. The cityscape is of course mainly shaped by the Oder. There are also historical buildings worth seeing. The old Hanseatic city, which was founded in 1253, is particularly adorned with North German brick Gothic. If you walk past the town hall, the Friedenskirche or the Marienkirche, you will get an impression of the history of Frankfurt-Oder.

The Marienkirche is one of the most popular sights in Frankfurt-Oder. During a city tour you will not only see the most beautiful places in the city, but also learn a lot about the history of Frankfurt-Oder.

In addition, many squares, green areas and parks characterize the city. The writer Heinrich von Kleist had a great cultural influence on the city. You can learn more about his life in the Kleist Museum. The concert hall was also named after him. There is always something cultural going on in Frankfurt-Oder. Concerts and theater performances shape cultural life in the city. In addition, there are always markets, celebrations and festivals. If you spend a few days in a hotel in Frankfurt-Oder, there will also be an event that might interest you during this time.

But nature lovers also feel at home in Frankfurt-Oder. The Alte Oder and the Winterhafen still show the former course of the border river and form several side arms. In and around Frankfurt-Oder there are not only many pretty parks, but also places worth seeing such as the Ziegenwerder peninsula. You reach from one Hotel in the center of Frankfurt-Oder numerous places worth seeing quickly and easily. Since Frankfurt-Oder is an absolute cycling city, it is worth taking a bike tour and exploring the beautiful nature on two wheels.

Right in the city center from the Holzmarkt you have a very nice view of Ziegenwerder. From there it is not far to the Oderpromenade or the Oderwiesen. And those who not only want to take a look at the water, but are also looking for a place to swim, can of theirs Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder drive out to the Helenesee. The lake is one of the cleanest lakes in Germany and is not called the "small Baltic Sea" for nothing. Swimming, diving and lying in the sun is wonderfully possible here. And if you want to learn to surf or dive or rent a boat, you can do so at Helenesee.

There is always something going on in and around Frankfurt-Oder and there is something for everyone. Even if you are in with the whole family a hotel near the train station of Frankfurt-Oder are guests, you will find exciting leisure activities for young and old.

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