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Fishing vacation in Frankfurt-Oder during your visit to the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

Fishing vacation in Frankfurt-Oder during your visit to the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

Not only does Brandenburg have a large number of lakes, but the Oder also flows along the border with Poland. Anglers will find enough waters here where the hope of catching a big fish is high. who in one Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder is a guest, can therefore very well go on a fishing trip. You can stay in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt-Oder or drive a little into the surrounding area.

From Frankfurt-Oder to Küstrin-Kietz there is a 75-kilometer fishing stretch with good prospects of fresh fish. Many different species of fish live here. Above all, there are many carp here. Fishing on the banks of the Oder is a real challenge, especially for professionals. When the water is low you can outsmart barbel – freshwater fish from the carp family – with a cheese bait.

There are also many eels, pike and zander in the Oder. There are very good zander populations around Lebus. You can reach Lubusz from one Hotel in the center of Frankfurt-Oder in a very short time. Incidentally, in January and February there are always many anglers from all over Germany on the Oder. A fishing trip by one Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder but it's actually worth it all year round. Many anglers like the beautiful nature on the Oder and relax on the banks of the river.

The Oder is indisputably one of the most beautiful fishing waters in eastern Germany. A big advantage for nature lovers is that the river is unregulated and very natural. A total of 43 species of fish find a wonderful habitat here. Sometimes you even have a real surprise on the line. If you want to catch the freshwater fish burbot, which is very common in the Oder, you should come to the area in November or December.

If you prefer to fish in a lake, you can go to the Scharmutzelsee, for example. In the region around the Scharmutzelsee there are 30 other lakes, which are served by a Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder are easy to reach. Anglers can look forward to a great abundance of fish and very good water quality. Not only anglers from the region fish here, but also many holiday guests.

You can also fish in Lake Brandenburg without a fishing license, but you need a fishing license. Daily, weekly, monthly or annual tickets are available from tourist information offices, fish shops or fishing clubs. Sometimes there is also an insider tip for a particularly good fishing spot for free! Every angler has to follow some rules and laws, which are also written on the fishing license.
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