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Visit to the St. Marienkirche in Frankfurt-Oder in connection with your overnight stay in the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

Visit to the St. Marienkirche in Frankfurt-Oder in connection with your overnight stay in the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

For many guests in one Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder A visit to St. Marienkirche is simply part of your stay in the Kleist town. The church is one of the most important buildings of North German brick Gothic and was built from 1253 onwards. Many visitors are fascinated because there is a lot to discover in the church.

A special highlight are the wall paintings from the 14th century. Comparable treasures have been preserved in Brandenburg only a few. As soon as you enter the church, you will see the works of art on the walls. This includes, among other things, a wall painting of the crescent moon Madonna directly above the portal.

In addition, many visitors look at the representations of the glass painting from the 14th century with the glass picture Bible. The window frames in particular are very artistically designed and show the craftsmanship and artistic ability of the church builders to this day. A total of 111 individual fields can be seen in three windows. As early as the 4th century, people began to decorate churches with artistic stained glass. To this day, the bright colors of the church windows inspire.

Who then during his visit in a Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder If you continue through the church, you will come across unique art treasures. These include the bronze chandelier on a pyramid-shaped base. The base stands on four eagles. The high altar from the last quarter of the 15th century is also a special gem.

St. Mary's Church is open daily. You can also take a guided tour, where you will learn a lot about the history and special features of the church. It is also possible to combine the visit with a tower ascent. Musical events are also regularly held in the church. Of a Hotel in the center of Frankfurt-Oder from the St. Marienkirche is very easy to reach.

Some art treasures from St. Marienkirche have now moved to St. Gertraud's Church. The neo-Gothic church was completed in 1878 and has been in its present form since 1980. Since St. Mary's Church was destroyed in World War II, some treasures were taken from there to St. Gertraud's Church. These include a bronze chandelier, a baptismal font and 16 panel paintings from the 16th century. The panel paintings not only depict biblical motifs, but also depictions of their donors and their families. The organ from 1879, which came from the organ building workshop of Wilhelm Sauer from Frankfurt-Oder, also attracts a lot of attention. The organ is still the original organ from the founding years of the church. If you are in one Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder are guests, you can also take part in a guided tour through the St. Gertraud Church.

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