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Autumn excursion to the Lebuser Land – Our excursion tips during your stay at the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

Autumn excursion to the Lebuser Land – Our excursion tips during your stay at the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

Even when it's autumn, the area around Frankfurt-Oder invites you to go on excursions. With an autumn hike, for example, you can during your stay in our Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder explore the Lubuskie countryside. Frankfurt-Oder is the largest city in the historic cultural landscape on the German and Polish sides of the Oder. The town of Lebus is only ten kilometers from Frankfurt-Oder.

Anyone who visits the former episcopal city of Lebus on the middle Oder can admire numerous buildings that tell of the long history of the city. Worth seeing, for example, is the evangelical town church of Sankt Marien. If you want to learn more about the history of the state of Lebus, the diocese of Lebus and the city itself, you should come to the Museum Haus Lebuser Land. A visit to a museum is always a good choice, especially on autumnal days.


On sunny autumn days, a walk to the Burgberg, the Schlossberg and the Turmberg is worthwhile. This is a 500 meter long and up to 100 meter wide ridge that was originally built as a fortification. It is part of the Oderberge nature reserve, where a walk is always a good idea, even in autumn.

In the Lebus district, to which several communities and the city of Lebus have merged in 1992, there are numerous other beautiful destinations that you can visit during your visit to our Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder can admire. Reitwein in particular is popular with many guests. Incidentally, the border of the municipality on the Oder also forms the border with Poland.

Even in autumn hikers make their way from ours Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder out on a hike through the Reitweiner Spur in the south of the Oderbruch. There are many hiking trails here, which can also be used very well in autumn. In Reitwein itself, many guests visit the Slavic castle complex from the 7th century and the neo-Gothic village church. Incidentally, in Reitwein you can also admire the oldest dam in the Oderbruch from the 16th century.


The Polish part of the Lubusz Land is the Lubusz Voivodeship. It is also worth going here from our Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder from an autumn excursion. The two most important cities in the voivodeship are Zielona Góra (Grünberg) and Gorzów Wielkopolski (Landsberg an der Warta), but Küstrin and Slubice also belong to the Lubusz voivodeship.


On a trip from ours Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder From Zielona Góra you have to plan about an hour and a half travel time, but the city with its large forest areas and parks is definitely worth a visit. There are numerous churches in the city area and the town hall from the 15th century is also worth seeing. The symbol of the city is the palm house. After an autumn excursion to the Lebuser Land, you can wonderfully recap the impressions of the day in the Restaurant Kontor in Frankfurt-Oder process.


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