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Interesting facts about Frankfurt Oder that you didn't know

Interesting facts about Frankfurt Oder that you didn't know

Frankfurt-Oder is one of the oldest cities on the Oder, on the Polish river. Frankfurt is a well-known city for international recognition. The city is best known for its brick Gothic architecture such as the town hall, the Young Art Museum and East German art.

Interestingly, the city is packed with impressive facts you need to know. You can learn the facts about the city that has a rich past and luxurious present.

1. The fourth largest river in Germany  

The city has the fourth largest river in Germany and also the second largest river in Poland. The Oder is one of the most important rivers with a length of 112 kilometers between the Polish and German borders. It is connected to the Vistula, Poland's first largest river, and flows together with the Warta and Neisse rivers.

2. Kleist Museum  

The Kleist Museum is one of the most beautiful literature museums in Germany. It opened in the house where Kleist was born. The museum was destroyed by the fire. The collection was then officially opened in September 1969 as the Kleist Research Center.

3. Concert Hall  

The concert hall was a former Franciscan monastery church. The use of this church as a concert hall indicates its use as a religious facility by the government in East Germany after the war. The complex is huge and the exterior of the church shows the relationship between two states. Also the door of war represents sadness and destruction while the peace shows love and nature.

4. North German Brick Gothic Hall 

St. Mary's Church is a famous church for its stained glass and largest hall. The stained glass consists of 117 panes and was installed in the three 12 meter high chancel windows in 2002. It is a unique, colorful medieval display that is a must-see when visiting Frankfurt-Oder.

5. Most beautiful ruin 

The opera house in Frankfurt-Oder was considered one of the most beautiful ruins. After being burned down in 1944 by World War II bombs, it lay in ruins for decades. It has not been demolished and has been called one of the "most beautiful ruins". The house is now being renovated for more than 11 million marks.

6. Museum of Young Art  

The Museum Junge Kunst has one of the largest collections of East German art, as judged by Tubke. It is also one of the most ambitious institutions for contemporary art. The museum owns over 10,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures and Polish graphics. It is one of the interesting places that you must visit if you are a fan of art.

7. Frankfurt (Oder) Singing Academy 

The Singakademie is known for its 3 young choirs. Because of this, the place is famous for. Works of breathtaking classical choral-symphonic music have been performed here since 1815. About 50 performances are held here every year, entertaining the tourist and its citizens.

In addition, the city was awarded the title of German City of the Future 2016/17 for its economic efficiency. The criteria include wage levels, low rents for office space and industrial real estate, and cheap costs for local Hotels. Frankfurt-Oder offers companies the highest investment reimbursement rates in Germany.

These are the interesting facts about the city of Frankfurt-Oder that you need to know. If you're thinking of exploring the city, you should know the ins and outs. So you can travel around and know the details. So if you are after Hotel Frankfurt Oder are looking for, you can find it with us. Stay with us!  


There's more to the city than you know. It might not be the first city you think of visiting. Interestingly, however, the place is packed with surprising facts, which you can find here. We have compiled the facts worth knowing about the city of Frankfurt-Oder.


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