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Kleist Festival 2017 – Active during your stay at the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

Kleist Festival 2017 – Active during your stay at the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

October in Frankfurt an der Oder is all about Heinrich von Kleist, probably the city's most famous son. On the occasion of the Reformation year, the festival's motto this year is "Faith Questions". From October 5th to 17th, 2017, numerous events are on the program, which will deal not only with Heinrich von Kleist but also with Martin Luther. If you are a guest in our October 2017 Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder are, you have plenty of opportunity to deal with both personalities. Perhaps you, as a literature lover, are planning your trip to Frankfurt-Oder specifically for this period.

In October, the 500th anniversary of the Reformation is commemorated until Reformation Day on October 31, which is a national holiday this year. That's why the Kleist Festival this year is about religion, faith, society and education. Although Martin Luther, unlike Heinrich von Kleist, was never in Frankfurt an der Oder, both great personalities of German history have a lot in common. Religion and faith always played a major role in the works of Heinrich von Kleist.

For ten days, the Kleist Festival aims to combine the topics of Martin Luther, Heinrich von Kleist and faith. Theatrical performances, readings, lectures or discussion groups take place in the Kleist Museum, in the concert hall or in the St. Gertraud Church. All venues are from ours Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder from very easy to reach.


Traditionally, the Kleist Festival honors the poet, who was born in Frankfurt an der Oder in 1777 and became known for works such as “Das Käthchen von Heilbronn”, “The Broken Jug” and the novella “Michael Kohlhaas”. With these works von Kleist became one of the most important romantic dramatists in Germany. As always, during the Kleist Festival, the Kleist Promotional Prize is awarded to young playwrights, who are rewarded with 7,500 euros for their work to date. The award ceremony will take place during the opening event on October 5, 2017.

If during the Kleist festival you are in our Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder are guests, it is also worth visiting the Kleist Museum, one of the best literature museums in Europe. In a special collection you will learn more about the life and works of the poet. The Kleist city of Frankfurt an der Oder is always dominated by the poet in October. There will be a lot on offer in the coming weeks, especially in the Kleist Museum and the Kleist Forum.

The special exhibition “Words, Words, Nothing but Words – Word Stories by Luther and Kleist” opens in the Kleist Museum on October 7th and can be seen until mid-January 2018. This is about the language of Martin Luther, which is considered to be the beginning of a national written German language, and the question of how Luther's language affected Kleist's works.


Of course you can during your stay in our Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder see the poet's works on stage during the Kleist festival. Among other things, "The Broken Jug" and two days later "Prince Friedrich von Homburg" will be shown in the Kleist Forum on October 11. Afterwards you can visit the Restaurant Kontor in Frankfurt-Oder at


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