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Tips for your stay in the hotel in Frankfurt (Oder)

Tips for your stay in the hotel in Frankfurt (Oder)

At the moment there is a unique nature experience to be admired on the Oder slopes near Lebus north of Frankfurt (Oder). The Adonis are in full bloom. Every year, from mid-March to early May, the golden-yellow buttercup plants show their numerous admirers on the approx. 50 meter high Oder hills. This spring, the Adonis roses are even outshining the sun, so that a trip to the village of Lebus, which is only about 9 kilometers from Frankfurt (Oder), is really worthwhile. guests in one Hotel in Frankfurt (Oder)., should definitely take the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent sight with a picnic. The hotel's kitchen team will be happy to prepare rich and healthy packed lunches for you to take away.

The experience of nature is particularly unique because the fastidious Adonis are actually native to the cooler steppes in Asia and only very rarely occur in Germany in such contiguous areas as in Lebus. The area is one of the European nature and landscape protection areas and on the Polish side of the Oder, the bird sanctuary "Unteres Wartethal" extends not far away. The impressive variety of animal and plant species makes the region around Lebus very popular with tourists and locals even outside the flowering season of the Adonis.

From above the hills in front of the Oderwiesen you also have a fantastic view over the meandering course of the Oder river to the skyline of Frankfurt (Oder) and the surroundings of the Polish twin town of Slubice - if you manage to catch your admiring gaze from the enchanting Adonis roses loosen and let it wander into the distance.

Since the Oder slopes are only around 9 kilometers from Frankfurt (Oder), a bike ride in the fresh spring air over the Oder meadows is recommended. Extensive hikes or walks are also a good way to explore the Oder slopes in peace. Appealingly designed boards on the cycling and hiking trails, especially on the Oder-Neisse cycle path, also provide information about the numerous myths and legends that also surround the Adonis rose.

The numerous impressions of such a wonderful excursion can best be processed and reviewed in the evening during a visit to the restaurant „Zur Alten Oder“ .


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