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Change in the Frankfurt museum landscape - discover the city during your stay in the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

Change in the Frankfurt museum landscape - discover the city during your stay in the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder

A change is imminent in the Frankfurt museum landscape. The Sports Museum will close its doors on October 1st, 2016 and the exhibition will be transferred to the Viadrina Museum. The sports museum has belonged to the museums of Frankfurt-Oder since 2003 and was intended to present the city's sports history. Since then it has established itself as the only special museum for sports history in East Brandenburg and was also a flagship for the sports city of Frankfurt-Oder. Many guests in one Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder were guests also visited this museum.

Since 2003 it has been possible to assemble a large collection. A documentation, exhibition and mediation of the sports history of Frankfurt-Oder and its development was created. And again and again events took place in the premises of the sports museum. But now, among other things, reconstruction measures have to be carried out on the museum building. The rental contract could not be extended and it was therefore not possible to continue operating the museum.

But those responsible have been working with the European University Viadrina since 2014 to develop a concept for the sports museum. This already made it clear that an in-house sports museum would go beyond the scope in the long term in terms of personnel and finances, and consideration was given to integrating the extensive collection into another museum. The choice fell on the Viadrina Museum.

This means that around a third of the exhibits in the Sports Museum are now being transferred to the City Sports Association of Frankfurt-Oder. He will conclude a contract with the Viadrina Museum so that the collection can be transferred to the museum's inventory. Exhibits from private lenders may also be handed over to the Viadrina Musuem. This is how guests can Hotels in Frankfurt-Oder continue to discover the sporting history of the city.

The Viadrina Museum is planning to create a completely new themed area for the history of sports. This will give sport its own place next to the chronological history of the city. Incidentally, the history of the University of Viadrina can also be seen in a separate subject area.

The Viadrina Museum is further upgraded. who in one Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder is a guest, a visit to this museum on the history of the city is definitely worthwhile. The museum is located in the historic Junkerhaus from the 16th century. Century. Visitors can learn more about Frankfurt-Oder in the Middle Ages, about the city's musical history and about important personalities who shaped Frankfurt-Oder.

The Junkerhaus itself is also impressive, because the baroque interior from the 18th century was able to be reconstructed. In addition, 13 stucco ceilings were preserved, which give the building a very special charm. If you are in one Hotel in Frankfurt-Oder are visiting, a visit to the Viadrina Museum is highly recommended.

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