Hotel Frankfurt Oder, Zur Alten Oder, City Residence Hotel Frankfurt Oder

Hotelanschrift: Fischerstraße 32, D-15230 Frankfurt (Oder)  |  Reservierung: +49 335 556 220  Or +49 175 246 0304

Spend romantic moments with your partner in the Hotel Frankfurt-Oder

Spend romantic moments with your partner in the Hotel Frankfurt-Oder

Valentine's Day is at your door! In a few days it will be time again! Many want to prepare well to celebrate this special day. But there are still some husbands or boyfriends who often forget how special Valentine's Day is for their wives. If you are also one of the forgetful partners, try a little harder and make a nice surprise for your beloved this year. There are several ways to turn this day into a romantic day on the fly. And if you would like to spend the whole day with your partner without being disturbed, then the Hotel Frankfurt-Oder is exactly the right choice for you.

We can find so many couples who don't give each other enough time to be to themselves because today's fast paced business lives don't allow or clearly make it difficult. Sometimes some think that the love between them was lost. If you live that life, then it's wrong. This Valentine's Day, prove that you want to live differently and show your spouse that you still love them - like never before. Book the hotel in Frankfurt-Oder and give your companion the whole day. In a restaurant or in the cinema you will be disturbed by others, while the advantage of choosing a hotel is that you can have the most romantic and exciting moments only with your loved ones.

Try to bring back your old memories of the best time you spent together. The surroundings of the hotel and the rooms are very cozy and pleasant. All rooms are comfortably and romantically furnished. There are some attractive and natural places in Frankfurt-Oder, so you can also go for a walk with your partner. If you're thinking that you're going to get the best hotel in Frankfurt-Oder at the last minute, think wrong. In order to get one of the most luxurious and deluxe hotels at the most affordable prices, you need to book on time.

The "Zur Alten Oder" is a famous and respected one Hotel Frankfurt Oder, where you will find all the modern conveniences in the excellent rooms, as well as other services. Here you can find the comfortable and cozy atmosphere of the room where you can spend the most romantic moments with your partner. If you get hungry, you can have tasty, delicious and healthy meals in the hotel restaurant – also in a very romantic atmosphere. If you want to surprise your companion with a lot of love, then book it now. Because this is the right option for reviving your love.


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Hotel "Zur Alten Oder" Frankfurt - the 3 star hotel
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