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Why should you visit the Marienkirche in Frankfurt-Oder?

Why should you visit the Marienkirche in Frankfurt-Oder?

The Marienkirche was once considered the "most important building in Brandenburg". The city of Frankfurt-Oder has many holy places to offer. One of the most famous sights is St. Mary's Church. It is the largest Gothic church in northern Germany, with three chancel windows and an impressive 117 14th-century stained glass windows.

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It is famous in the areas for its unique architecture and vintage style design. The church has served the Christian community for eight centuries and offers tours for visitors. A few attractive sights inside include bronze candlesticks and antique paintings. If you are interested in works of art, you should definitely include St. Mary's Church in your trip around the city.

Plan to visit the church while you're there great Accommodation in Frankfurt-Oder enjoy? Here are a few points to remember on the way to St. Mary's Church:

1. The opening times 

Before visiting the church, check if it is open or closed. Church hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. May through September and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. October through April. However, it is advisable to confirm opening and closing times before your visit.

2. Materials and gifts 

The St. Mary offers the most remarkable things with service points, leaflets, postcards and posters. It also contains scientific publications, early memories and many other items to take home as souvenirs.

3. Erfahren Sie mehr 

During the city tour you will learn more about the history and the earlier furnishings of the church. They will provide you with all historical stories and you can know in detail the background behind the architectural designs. The other way to get information about the church is to rent a device for a small amount at the service point of St. Marien church.

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4. Tower climbs  

Climb the high tower of the church and enjoy the view of the varied Oder landscape. During the summer you have the opportunity to see the new bells while climbing the bell tower and getting a bird's eye view of the city. Buy tickets for 2 euros each, which are available in the church, or call 0335/22442.

5. Christmas market  

The Christmas market begins in the second and third week of the Advent weekend. The market takes place in St. Marienkirche. It offers a great ambience, a varied cultural program and local handicrafts, while Christmas treats are on offer. The event offers shopping and culinary delights. Here you can enjoy cakes, delicious meat dishes, punch and much more.

Source: Wikipedia

With the points in mind, you can enjoy your tour of the city. Learn about the church and how it was built and how it was rebuilt after so many years. The city of Frankfurt Oder has a lot to offer than you know. Forget it so not at the Accommodation in Frankfurt-Oder to explore the variety of historical places, which also includes the Marienkirche.  


Discover one of the leading and chronological places in Frankfurt-Oder, the Marienkirche. The church has so many stories that if you are a lover of history and its architecture, you would love to hear them. Whether with the help of the tour guide or not.


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