Hotel Frankfurt Oder, Zur Alten Oder, City Residence Hotel Frankfurt Oder

Hotelanschrift: Fischerstraße 32, D-15230 Frankfurt (Oder)  |  Reservierung: +49 335 556 220  oder +49 175 246 0304

Top-Tipps für eine reibungslose Geschäftsreise

Top-Tipps für eine reibungslose Geschäftsreise

Sie gehen auf Ihre ersten Dienstreisen? Dann ist es clever, sich darauf richtig gut vorzubereiten. Ob zerknitterte kleider, überteuerte Snacks am Flughafen oder die gefürchtete leere Laptopbatterie – Geschäftsreisende müssen für viele Eventualitäten gewappnet sein.

1. Backup on the go: Email your travel documents

Before leaving, you should scan all of your travel documents once: passport, booking confirmations, travel and site plans. Save the documents on your smartphone and also send an email to yourself with the relevant attachments – this will make it easier for you if you should really lose something or if it is stolen from you.

2. Pack

wisely Do you have a strategy for packing your suitcase or hand luggage as wisely as possible? If not, then this video is guaranteed to have some valuable tips ready for you:

3. Pay the hotel bill on arrival

Whenever possible, pay for your accommodation directly on the day of arrival. In hotels where this is not possible, you pay your outstanding debts before the last night. On the morning of your departure you can either sleep longer, do an additional jogging lap or take more time with breakfast. Leave the keys, the magnetic card, the badge or just your smile when leaving the accommodation at the reception.

4. Don’t get lost

Many cities in a short space of time can become a major challenge. Google Maps helps with orientation. The city maps can be downloaded before the trip and are also available in offline mode.

5. Maintain a good work-life balance

Always choose a location near the hotel to the place of work and, if possible, set the travel time counter-cyclically to early in the morning or late in the evening. Process emails while waiting at the airport.

Mit Hotels wie unserem können Sie den Rest uns überlassen.


Hotel "Zur Alten Oder" Frankfurt - das 3 Sterne Hotel
mit Bar, Biergarten und Veranstaltungsräumen
in Frankfurt (Oder)

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